Saturday, 20 April 2013


is finally here! Well tomorrow, anyway.

I'm feeling good, ready to go, just wish it was 10am tomorrow already.  Have had an easy couple of weeks, a massage, lots of water, carbs...not much else to do except pin on the race number and put the chip on my shoe!

The weather has finally got better, pretty much as soon as my hard training finished, in fact.  But tomorrow will be sunny and 10-12 degrees, ideal temperature I just hope I don't get sunburnt!

So - fingers crossed I don't trip over someone dressed up as a rhino - otherwise I'm sure I'll be fine!

Training report
Sunday 24th March
29km around all the parks. This was grim, the lowest of the low in terms of weather.  Was meant to go on Saturday, but it snowed all day, and the wind was absolutely howling.   Seriously considered doing the run on a treadmill but ended up braving it outside and with the windchill it was minus 7. I really couldn't feel my legs for most of the way. Good in some ways I guess!!

Monday 25th March
7km recovery on the elliptical on the gym. Inside in the warm...

Tuesday 26th March
10k home from work - still bloody freezing at feels like minus 4.

Wednesday 27th March 
10k into work - was going to do 13k but my knee was hurting at it was minus 4 so I cut it short.

Friday 29th March
The big Kahuna - 32km around Wandsworth Common, Clapham Common, Hyde Park, Green Park, St James' Park, the Thames Path, Battersea Park, Clapham Common again, and Tooting Common. The weather was finally clear (but chilly) so it was great running, it was tough but ok, hard to believe I need to do another 10k after legs completely seized up as soon as I stopped running.

Monday 1st April
5k recovery around Wandsworth Common.

Thursday 4th April
8k home from work - minus 4 again...

Saturday 6th April
16k from Putney along to Battersea.  Had intended to do 21k but at about 10k I had a stabbing pain in my right knee so I had to head home.  Really, really painful.

Tuesday 9th April
6.5k to work - careful on the knee and it seemed ok but was hurting toward the end. Nice and rainy.

Thursday 11 April
10k home from work - heatwave!! 12 degrees! Had to roll my sleeves up!

Saturday 13th April
15k around Wandsworth, Clapham and Tooting Commons. A really nice local run, felt good, easy, and short.  Was going to do 16k but had to stop off at the post office toward the end and by the time I'd queued for 5 mins my knee was hurting so walked home.

Monday 15th April
5k home from work - bus halfway and ran halfway - very odd and very short!

Tuesday 16th April
8k home from work - rainy but warm-ish

Thursday 17th April
5k run into work - ran alongside my bus most of the way then jumped on to take me the rest of the way. Would have been faster to run!

Coming up next
Sunday 21st April

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